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Trying to WordPress

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Chris Herborth
Chris Herborth
My job? Computer Sisyphus. I work on cryptography. I like videogames and books.

I’m going to try doing my blog in WordPress now that I’ve got a “real” website. I might just nuke everything and go back to hand-crafted HTML, we’ll see.

If I can figure out how to change the posting date on things, I’ll copy my existing blog entries (there are only a few) here, if not, they’re still on CodeBerg:


2024-01-06 @ 10AM

I don’t particularly like the styling yet, it’s way too huge with too much scrolling. More mucking around is required.

I also need to fix up a bunch of links and formatting in the other posts I’ve pulled in, the Markdown plugin I’m using honours line breaks for some reason…


Moving this into a Hugo-based static website, since WordPress is way too heavy for what I need. And I an keep writing my stuff in Markdown…