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Chris Herborth
Chris Herborth
My job? Computer Sisyphus. I work on cryptography. I like videogames and books.

I know a lot of people who are looking for work these days, so I’ve collected a bunch of links that might help folks. They’re mostly oriented towards companies that allow or encourage remote work and that aren’t enormous, since that’s my personal preference.

I’d really like to find more green energy companies that aren’t just existing polluters wearing lipstick, but I’m not sure how to find that sort of thing.

October 13th: I guess this is evolving into mostly a way to find remote work? My preference is to never work for a huge company again, but if that’s your jam, who am I to decide for you?

This post was originally here.

B Corp Companies

The B Corp certification is apparently for “beneficial” (thus, the B) companies:

Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.

A list of Canadian certified B Corp companies:

A list of American certified B Corp companies:

These seem more inclined to support remote work, and to generally not be awful.

“Green” Companies

These three job search sites specialize in “green” companies; I haven’t verified that they’re all remote, but I’d expect that to be a strong possibility:

Remote Companies

First of all, a list of companies “going” remote:

Job-finding sites specializing in remote work:

Mark Kilby’s also got a blog post with some great lists:

Someone’s started a Discord for looking for remote work:

TODO: Include links to Glassdoor for each?

NOTE: Let me know if I’ve gotten anyone in the wrong buckets here!

Remote-First Companies

These companies are remote-first:

Remote-Friendly Companies

These companies are (currently) remote friendly, but do have traditional offices:


Remote or remote-friendly companies collected from my network, I couldn’t tell where these belonged:

  • Upstart; I literally can’t access their site due to Cloudflare being broken.
  • VAST Data


There are lots of companies of all sizes doing remote work who are giddy with excitement watching the FAANGs (“MANGA” I suppose, but I refuse to go along with Facebook’s dumb rebranding) bend over for commercial real estate interests. If you know of any, let me know, either here as an Issue, via email, or on Mastodon.

I’ll keep updating this as long as I keep getting new information!



  • 2024-02-24 - Added and reformatted the Update list.
  • 2024-02-15 - Added CircleCI, Mutual of Omaha
  • 2024-02-02 - Added (aka


  • 2024-01-31 - Added Yubico
  • 2024-01-27 - Added the section about B Corp companies.
  • 2024-01-16 - Started trying to split up the companies into Remote First and Remote Friendly buckets.
  • 2024-01-11 - Added two new job boards and a pile of places hiring remotely, courtesy of my friend Tom K.


  • 2023-12-23 - Added NextCloud


  • 2023-11-11 - Glommed updates together by month. Added RedHat, Shopify.
  • 2023-11-04 - Added Green Jobs section


  • 2023-10-22 - Added A Thinking Ape and Gruntwork
  • 2023-10-18 - Added, remote work Discord
  • 2023-10-13 - Added a bunch of remote places from LinkedIn, and a TODO for organizing the list better now that it’s growing.
  • 2023-10-07 - Added Scribd. Added a link to Mark Kilby’s similar blog post about remote jobs. Added Auvik. Added links to their careers pages (except WolfSSL, they don’t have a dedicated page).


  • 2023-09-30 - Added Infosec Global. Reverse-sorted the Updates; I’m hoping to get updates to this post for a long time.
  • 2023-09-25 - Added GitLab and Atlassian to remote companies.
  • 2023-09-23 - HiringCafe is some sort of ML-scraped job list tracking some huge number of companies, looks pretty easy to search via keywords. Their “Espresso” and “Mochi” plans look interesting (or “Boba” for more junior people or career switchers). I also added some notes above to No is interesting, it’s a job site for companies who don’t do whiteboarding “puzzle” interviews (which is a good idea, because those don’t reflect your work skills at all).

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