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Longer posts; shorter things are on Mastodon.


Hashtags Hugo
·509 words·3 mins
If this works, I figured out how to add a post’s tags to the RSS feed’s <description> block.
Obsidian vs Notesnook
·1127 words·6 mins
Comparing Obsidian and Notesnook, since my Notesnook sync trial is probably almost up.
Sustainable Company
·663 words·4 mins
Some thoughts on how I’d set up and run a company, if only I had the resources to do so.
Nested repos
·385 words·2 mins
I’ve once again been thinking about git submodules and how I might be able to use them when making games.
Trying to WordPress
·145 words·1 min
I’m going to try doing my blog in WordPress now that I’ve got a “real” website.


Remote Work
·845 words·4 mins
I know a lot of people who are looking for work these days, so I’ve collected a bunch of links that might help folks.
Wifi... Optimism?
·137 words·1 min
As I’ve mentioned previously ( here and here) I’d been having a persistent wifi problem with the Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200NGW card in my laptop.
Wifi Horrors
·433 words·3 mins
In my last post’s updates, I mentioned a persistent wifi problem I’ve been having off-and-on basically since installing Linux on this laptop.
Upgrading Kubuntu 22.10 to 23.04
·552 words·3 mins
Did an in-place upgrade this morning from Kubuntu 22.


Why didn't I just switch to Linux earlier?
·670 words·4 mins
So, I’ve been using Linux (specifically Kubuntu 22.